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Solar Panel Incentives BC

Net-Metering & BC Hydro

BC Hydro has annual net-metering for residential and commercial customers. In order to be considered eligible BC Hydro customers must have a renewable electricity generator connected to the BC hydro distribution system.  The generator must have an aggregate nameplate capacity no more than 100kW.

Systems larger than 27kW require a detailed process for metering.  For systems of 27 kW or less, “simple net-metering” process can be used if the system is approved.

In general, if more energy is generated vs. used in a month the excess is shown as a credit on the electricity bill. If after 12 months there is a net credit (in other words, over a one-year period more electricity is produced than used) the excess is sold to BC Hydro at 9.99 ct/kWh and the credits are set to zero again. 

BC PST Tax Exemption

The following list of renewable energy system equipment can be covered under the province of British Columbia sales tax exemption: Solar photovoltaic collector panels, controllers, wiring, and inverters when they are purchased as part of a solar photovoltaic system. Also solar thermal collector panels, pumps, tubing, wiring, and heat exchangers, when they are purchased as part of a system that includes solar thermal collector panels.

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