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Ranjit - Victoria BC

Andrew is a hardworking Mortgage Broker.He responds quickly and get your deal prepared quickly. He explains Mortgage terms well. He gives practical advice. He is Knowledgeable. Will recommend him as Mortgage Broker without hesitation. 

Jaryd - Victoria BC

As a first time buyer it was nice to have someone take the time to explain all of the options in the market today. Andrew provides some critical insights into the protection of your down payment equity. These are things that my bank could not explain. I highly recommend that new buyers talk to Andrew before they make a decision.

Kris - Victoria BC

Thanks Andrew! Really puts clients first and works hard finding the best product. Very friendly and professional. Best broker in Victoria!

​Matt - Victoria BC

Andrew and his team were excellent. Very thorough, great communication. Highly recommend!

The Best Mortgage Rates in BC

Finding the best mortgage rates is easy.  Mortgage Brokers have access to dozens of lenders from Banks to Credit Unions, Alternative Lenders and Even Private Lenders. Our primary choices are usually lenders called 'monoline' lenders such as MCAP, RMG, First National and others.  These lenders are specifically lending in the mortgage market and their products are flexible and they offer the lowest pre-payment penalties.  You get all these advantages along with excellent rates.

Need a mortgage pre-approval before you go house hunting? Find out how much you can afford well in advance. This will keep you focused on shopping for homes within your price range. When you qualify for a pre-approved mortgage, you’ll be certain of the size of mortgage for which you qualify. Often you can lock-in your rate for a specific period of time up to 120 days. And even if you don’t qualify for a pre-approved mortgage initially, we work with you to assist with your financial strategy and budgeting. All at no cost to you. Everyone deserves a home. Let’s work together to make it happen for you.
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Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

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How It Works:

How It Works:

Step 1: Your Mortgage Needs

Our initial consultation is all about you. We can meet in person or schedule a short phone call. ​Purchasing your first home is exciting and presents you with a lot of challenges. There are a few things that all First Time Buyers should know. We carefully explain your options and recommend financing solutions that will give you the best flexibility and save you the most money over the life of your mortgage.

Our initial consultation is all about you. We can meet in person or schedule a short phone call. We know the questions to ask to get the heart of your pre-approval requirements quickly. Will this home be your primary residence? Will there be rental income from a suite? Or will this property be an investment rental property? Each home purchase and pre-approval situation is unique. We take the time to understand what your immediate and long term goals are so that you are purchasing with confidence.
Step 1: Your Mortgage Needs

Step 2: Your Application

​Whether you are employed full time, a business owner or have non-traditional income we can help. Many first time home buyers want to use their RRSP’s for their down payment or have access to gifted funds from immediate family. You will want to understand how the CHMC or Genworth insurance guidelines allow for purchases with as little as 5% down payment.  There is also the possibility of leveraging the BC Home Partnership Program to match your down payment up to $37,500.

Step 3: Your Pre-Approval

​Get Pre-Approved immediately. We will assess your situation at no cost and with no obligation. If you are not ready we’ll explain why so you can make the necessary changes and be ready as soon as possible. AND if you are ready that’s wonderful: We’ll get you pre-approved quickly and you’ll be ready to look for your perfect home. Being pre-approved will let seller know you are serious and can provide excellent leverage when making an offer.

Step 3: Your Pre-Approval
Once you have your pre-approval you can search for your new home with confidence. You’ll know the type of property, the price range and whether there must be an income suite. As the property is the asset that is securing the financing, the property itself plays a very large role in the final approval. In general you will want a thorough home inspection, and the lender may need a full appraisal of the property in order to meet the final mortgage approval criteria.
Credit Score
Did you know that there are millions of errors on credit reports? And in some cases there is old data that is critically affecting your ability to borrow. We approach your credit report in logical way and do a thorough assessment so you can ensure the accuracy of the data. This is the number one reason we like to see people well in advance of their home purchase. Sometimes it can take months to repair a credit mistake. See us early and let’s make sure your credit is accurate.
And what about the conventional wisdom that says your score goes down every time your credit report is accessed? It is quite possible that repeated credit access by potential creditors can affect your score. Since we only access your credit once and have access to dozens of lenders, we minimize this possibility.
Down Payment Verification
Are you planning to use savings for your down payment? You will need 90 days of account history. Are you planning to use a gifted down payment? You will need the proper gift form. What about using RRSP’s for your down payment? Yes you can do that as well. There are certain rules that allow you to access your RRSP funds without penalty, essentially loaning the money to yourself. The funds have to be paid back on a set schedule and you cannot have owned a home in 4 years. What if your co-applicant or spouse has not owned a home in 4 years, but you have? Well you can still use the $25,000 allowance from your co-applicant or spouse. Call us for details!
Closing Costs Verification
Most lenders will want to see about 1.5% of the purchase price available for closing costs. Closing costs are made up primarily of legal fees – budget around $1000 – and Property Transfer Tax. If you are a First Time Home Buyer and the property meets specific criteria this can save you thousands of dollars and the requirement for these funds to be available on closing can be waived. Click here to download a simple explanation of that BC First Time Home Buyers Property Transfer Tax Exemption.
What are the key components of a Victoria Mortgage Pre-Approval:
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